Should I colour with the Stampin' Blends from dark to light or light to dark?

Use both the light and dark shades of Stampin' Blends to add depth and dimension to a coloured image.  Whether you start with the light or dark colour first is up to you.  Here's two techniques...

1.  Start with the light colour for an overall base coat.  Add darker colour where shadows on your image naturally fall.  Go back in with the light colour to blend away harsh lines. 

2.  Start with the dark colour where shadows on your image naturally fall.  Add light colour, starting from the darkened area, and blend out.  Add more intensity to the shadow areas with the dark colour, if necessary.

In either case, once you have completed colouring with the Stampin' Blends, you can add highlights in the light areas of the image with the Color Lifter.  Click HERE to find out more ways you can use the versatile Color Lifter.

TIP:  Ink will blend more easily and smoothly when it's wet.  So break down larger images to colour, so ink stays moist for blending.

Carrie from the Stampin' Up! Home Office demonstrates these two colouring techniques...