How do I clean my Clear Blocks?

Over a period of time, the clear acrylic blocks for clear-mount or photopolymer stamping can become dirty with oils from your hands, ink from stamp pads, dust and adhesives.  Here's some tips for getting them clean again so your stamps cling well...

  • Use a fit-for-purpose cleaning cloth to regularly wipe your blocks, like a microfibre glasses cleaning cloth.  This is great for removing ink, fingerprints and dust.
  • The damp Simply Shammy or a wet wipe can be used to remove ink from your blocks.
  • For tougher "dirt" like oils from your hands and adhesives, wash your blocks under warm water with a little bit of mild dishwashing liquid and dry with a soft cloth.
  • When your blocks are very dirty and none of the above works, try wiping them with Isopropyl Alcohol or rubbing them with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.  Make sure all cleaning residue is removed and your blocks are thoroughly dry before using them with your stamps.