What are the features of the Stampin' Trimmer?

The Stampin' Trimmer, which was introduced in the 2012-2013 Annual Catalogue, is a fully-featured cutting tool that is exclusive to Stampin' Up!.

Stampin' Trimmer

A few features of the new Stampin' Trimmer:

  • The Stampin' Trimmer comes with a cutting and scoring blade, and you can cut or score anywhere, in any direction.
  • The cutting and scoring blades have a hook on the right that locks onto the cutting track, making your cuts and scores as straight as possible.  They also have a precision tip on the left that follows the ruler on the cutting track, allowing you to precisely start or stop where you want.
  • The base extends beyond the cutting surface so that you can have your cutting and scoring blades on the track at the same time.
  • The Stampin' Trimmer has an extra-long cutting track so you can make a full 30.5 cm (12") cut or score.  It also has an extra-wide 16 cm (6-1/4") cutting base, so you can make your standard cuts or scores without opening the extender ruler.  Opening the extender ruler allows you to cut up to a massive 36.5 cm (14-1/2")!
  • The extender ruler has a stabilising foot to provide a sturdy cutting surface on longer cuts. When fully extended, the extender ruler sits flush against the cutting base for accurate and consistent measurement across the entire surface.
  • The cutting base has rulers on the top and bottom in both centimetres and inches.  The cutting track has a ruler in centimetres.  The centimetre and inch rulers have increments of 1 mm and 1/16", respectively.  The gridlines on the base measure every 1 cm, great for precise measurements.
  • All rulers and measurements are printed under a plastic coating so they won't wear off.
  • The cutting track locks into place for secure storage while in transit.
  • The Stampin' Trimmer has a storage compartment under the base with a clear cover.
  • Non-skid feet help keeps your Stampin' Trimmer securely in place.


Brian Pilling from Stampin' Up! demonstrates the features of the new Stampin' Trimmer*... 

*This video was produced for the US Stampin' Up! market.  The US Stampin' Trimmer only has measurements in inches.  The rulers, measurements and gridlines mentioned in the video differ to the Stampin' Trimmer in the New Zealand market.