What is a Stampin' Scrub?

A Stampin' Scrub is a dual-sided tray containing deep-cleaning nylon fibre scubbing pads, ideal for cleaning your rubber stamps.  Cleaning rubber stamps is a breeze when you partner the Stampin' Scrub with the Stampin' Mist Stamp Cleaner, a cleaning fluid specially formulated to clean and condition your rubber stamps.

Lightly spray one pad of the Stampin' Scrub with Stampin' Mist and leave the other dry.  For best results, do not over-saturate the pad.  Scrub your stamp on the damp pad to clean it, then rub it on the dry pad to remove any left over ink and moisture.  There are "rain drops" on one side of the Stampin' Scrub to help you know which side to use for cleaning, and an umbrella on the second side for drying your stamps.

Over a period of time, the black fibre scrubbing pads will become "dirty" and can be easily cleaned under running water, especially if you use a lot of red ink or dark colours.

  • Click HERE for more information about cleaning your Stampin' Scrub.