How can I maintain my Stampin' Trimmer?

Here are two things you can do for your Stampin' Trimmer to give it some love and have good on-going cutting performance...

  1. Clean the track...  The track in the bed of the Stampin' Trimmer has a groove that the Cutting Blade runs down.  Paper fibres that look like "fluff" can gather in that groove, which can affect cutting.  Remove the track from the Stampin' Trimmer using the finger grip at the top.  Use the corner of a piece of card stock to swipe down the groove in the track and remove the build up.  Repeat on both sides of the track until clear before replacing it back into the Stampin' Trimmer.
  2. Clean the bed...  Adhesive and marks can accumulate on the bed of your Stampin' Trimmer.  Use a mild cleaner like a wet wipe or hand sanitiser to clean it off.  Note the measurements and grid is under a protective cover and won't wear off.