Stamp pad too inky?

Over-inked stamp pads is common when they're new.  Some good indications that your stamp pad is too inky is bubbling of ink on the surface of your stamp and undefined or blurry edges to stamped images.  Here's three simple strategies for solving issues with over-inked stamp pads...

1. The Classic Stampin' Pads have a patented flip-top design so that, when stored, the stamp pads are upside down and the ink sinks to the surface, where it's ready to be used for stamping.  If your stamp pad is too inky, then that means that there's excess ink on the surface.  Until you have used up the excess ink, try storing the over-inked stamp pad upside down, so the ink sinks down into the foam pad.

2.  If you have excess ink on the surface of your stamp pad, try using the curved underside of a teaspoon or the rounded surface of a Bone Folder to rub over the surface of the stamp pad to press the ink further into the foam pad.  Use a firm sweeping motion, like icing a cake.  There will still be plenty of ink on the surface for stamping.

3.  You could mop up excess ink from a stamp pad by pressing soft paper towels onto the foam pad.  This is often successful, but you will loose that ink.  I recommend you try strategies one and two above first.